Basketball, y'all.


Anyone can write a story for BASKETYALL! Whether you want to write about your favorite team's promising young rookie, propose an idea for a new lottery system, critique Russell Westbrook's latest fashion choices[1]Let's be honest - there's no need to critique, as Westbrook's style is top-notch., or write a science fiction piece involving NBA stars--anything is fair game. It's got to be good though!

Submit your proposal or drafted story by email to If we like what we read, we'll work with you to edit and style the article so that both you and the BASKETYALL board members are satisfied, and then publish the story on the home page!

Each story on BASKETYALL is required to have a headlining image. Unfortunately due to budget constraints, we currently cannot license professional photos but will work with you to find a free image or create one of our own. You are not required to have an image when submitting a story proposal.

As you publish more stories, you will advance in title. These titles are subject to change and it is up to the BASKETYALL board members to decide when title advances occur. The titles, ordered from least to most prestigious, are:

Thank you for your contributions! We love you!